Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Valentines at the Hollow

Though Valentine’s day and it’s preceding February 12th have passed, we Harris Bridgers would like to mark the occasion, even a month beyond its happening – think grand, ever going, slow to wilt birthdays, or gusto driven by great news that doesn’t want to wear off – because – because! –

February 12th this year was an inauguration, a celebration not only of love prior to the official lovey-dove and chocolates and roses and sweet notes etc. day, but a lift off in Hollow history, a notch in the tree trunk, something to be recalled down the line as the start of another fine tradition. Though the Valentine’s event made its place in Harris Bridge Vineyard’s story several years ago, this year was different, held as it was in the heart of The Hollow, a roomful of people ready to celebrate their adoration and admiration for each other and the people they’d newly met and those they already knew and loved, champagne blonde and tickly in their glasses, Fraga cheeses waiting to kiss the Big River Pugliese, a green bean and beet and chevre salad skipping around mouths with the Capitello Sauvignon Blanc – such lovebirds! There was boeuf bourguignon that fell apart when the fork touched it the way one might fall apart when another lays eyes on her or him and that eye-laying dynamo has the key to the fall-aparter’s heart, as in fall apart in the best of ways, as in fall apart because I see you seeing me wonderful. It was as if the Cloud(s) had dropped down 9 of their best versions of I love you, tucking some inside the boeuf, some inside the beets and some inside the potatoes that got in on the fest and had their shining time. And don’t think the Fraga and Pugliese quit kissing. Love was in the Carmeniere! To further rev our feelings, the pairing of a fresh, dewy two, a tender spiced cupcake and its raisin mousse hat, its pretty little clip of blood orange to make a sweet shape in the mouth, and the stunning and singing Half Magic on the promenade, that duo taste in taste on the tongue.

We had so much fun. We shared stories and music with new ears and hearts and eyes and old. Our soundtrack never failed. We laughed to hear Chaucer’s naughty head, then laughed some more, then again. The lighting was right and low, the room warm with voice, the night’s poetics all encompassing. Thank you to everyone present for helping to color so vividly and beautifully this noteworthy, momentous event, and to those who weren’t able to attend physically but who joined us in spirit, and to all who hope to come next year and the year after and the years after that – we can’t wait to see you and do this again. Keep your valentines close. Much love,

Harris Bridge and The Hollow

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