Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Harris Bridge Spirits, Part 2: The Old Mill and its Race

Our second release from the distillery/winery/herb cellar is MILLRACE, a pinot noir based aperitif. Lovely and delicate in earth and warmth, it embraces a lush, summer-fresh-picked-blackberry juiciness and a bright elderberry finish.  This is a perfect compliment to that blackberry pie in the oven or just pour some over ice while it’s baking because this is also a perfect late-afternoon-relish-the-heat and kick back in the shade kind of drink.

We, at Harris Bridge, are not just makers of sweet wines and liqueurs; we believe in an appreciation of food and friends and the concept of long meals and saving room for dessert and belly laughs, and saving time for a night cap because the conversation and the night air is too good.  The concept of an after dinner drink to end a meal or an aperitif to end the workday goes hand in hand with the idea of slowing down to appreciate the food that is nourishing us, the friends and family that surround us and the valley we call home.

This valley that we call home was also home once to a town and that town owed its existence to a family and that family was brought up by a mother: Ivy Harris is the namesake of our wine club and her (and husband George’s) mill is the namesake for this wine.

the valley  : :  the people  : :  the craft
for all the people that have walked this ground, tended its soil, and harvested its many crops;  this valley, its history, and its life are what fuel this wine; savor all of its parts: aroma, texture, depth, and finish;  it too has a history